Here Are Cute Dogs Waking Up Their Owners. I promise it will make your day.

Category: Funny Published on 21 Oct, 2014

Funny dogs compilation – dogs waking up their owners

I really love dogs, but some of these (funny) dogs are too hilarious in the morning. Dog At 3:40 was the best.

Dog play

From a young age, dogs engage in play with one another. Dog play is made up primarily of mock fights. It is believed that this behavior, which is most common in puppies, is training for important behaviors later in life. Research on puppy play has shown that puppies do not engage equally in both dominant and submissive roles in fights; rather, puppies will tend to start play fights with weaker puppies they believe they can dominate.

Additionally, puppies will intervene in play engaged by other pairs. In these situations, the puppies overwhelmingly aid the dominant dog. Puppies do not show reciprocity in interventions, suggesting that they prefer to be dominant in a fight, and are being opportunistic in the short-term. In the long-term, intervention may aid the puppies in learning coordination.

funny dogs compilation

A common behavior among domesticated dogs is chasing their own tails. Researchers are not completely certain why dogs chase their own tail, however some research studies found a link between tail-chasing and high cholesterol. This is simply because unexercised dogs have more pent up energy and will attempt to alleviate themselves of this by tail chasing or other unwanted, but “cathartic” behaviors such as destroying things and excessive barking.

A study found that when dogs experience an increase in activity of hormones tied to the “fight or flight” response, it causes dogs to chase their tails more often. It is now known however, that it is a mechanism for the dog to burn off its own excess, not necessarily playful, energy and is usually indicative of a lack of an appropriate amount of mental and physical stimulation.

Source: youtubepixabay – wikipedia

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