Very Inventive Driver In Russia Had No Problem With Replacing His Car’s Flat Tyre.

Category: Funny Published on 10 Dec, 2014
a car without a wheel_accident

An inventive driver in Russia uses his son’s sledge to replace his car’s flat tyre, wedging it underneath the wheel axle. Very resourceful!

That’s one way to solve a flat tyre: Innovative Russian driver removes whole wheel from his car and drives home with a SLEDGE in its place Russian driver Bogdan Evseyev became stuck when he suffered a flat tyre Thought he was going to be stranded as he wasn’t carrying a spare Decided to replace the tyre using his son’s sledge which was in the boot Wedged the sledge underneath the wheel axel and began to drive The makeshift repair allowed him to get his car to a repair garage. Read more:


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