Read Only If You Want to Change One Thing About Your Body.

Category: Life, Stories Published on 05 Nov, 2014

Changing Your Body

Children vs. adults and completely different answers.


We all know it’s true. Think about today’s society.

The only reason the kids don’t want to change their physical appearance to be better looking is because they haven’t faced rejection yet, they haven’t acknowledged society’s idea of beauty. Let the kids mature for 10-15 years and they won’t be very different than the older generation. (Eshtri)

There are many obsession like having a thin figure and others. And ask a child what they’d change and they’ll choose some superpower-ish thing. ┬áIsn’t it cool?

Please remember that beauty is not about what you don’t have, but about being comfortable in your own skin. Think about it just right now.

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